Our Success


PMT produces a broad range of tailor made Explosion Proof HVACR products for Oil & Gas and Marine industries.  Since 2009, we have designed and supplied a large number of products for few major Oil & Gas company such as Shell, Petronas, ExxonMobil, and more to come.

The underlying asset driving PMT is the wealth of experience in our dedicated people. These experiences allow us to create tailor made solutions for all the customer’s demanding requirements


·        * E8K, F13K Shell Sarawak

·       *  LEKAS Petronas, Malacca

·       *  Petronas Metering Station

·       *  Patricia Platform

·       *  Bukit Tua

·       *  DES

·      *   Dulang

·       *  Bunga Kertas

·       *  APLNG

·       *  VAS466 Malampaya

·       *  VAT1688 Driller House

·        *  Samarang Platform


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