Air Handling Unit

PMT background start up from a metal part fabricator in the pass 10 years move forward to design and assembly the whole unit air handler nowadays. Thus, the engineering team has been trained up to have strong engineering skill in designing the flexible enforcement structure and sizing the capacity as well. All the components and materials are also being carefully chosen to meet codes and quality requirements.

PMT is flexible in manufacturing the OEM product for central station Air-Handling Units selection, covers air-flow from 2000 to 35,000 CFM. Depending on structure and reinforcements, units can provide external static pressures up to 8 inch or more depend on the special request. All AHU sizing is come along with the selection technical data..

The unit can be consists of Mixing Box, filtration, heating, cooling, ventilating & etc.
Come to unit sizing, our team always concern of “transportation flexibility”. The unit is always designed in simple section or multiple sections assembly to comply the transportation requirements.

  1. AHU Structure
  2. Double Skin Panel
  3. Mixing Box with damper
  4. Filtration
  5. Coil
  6. Ventilation section
  7. Corrosion protection coatings 

Nevertheless, PMT also provides Equipment Selection Software to offer precise, fast, accurate, and optimal model size selection.


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