With well equipped of machinery and equipment, we able to manufacture vary parts of AHU in customized way, giving customer total quality satisfaction.

  1. Vertical Expander Machine
  2. Shearing Machine
  3. Stamping Machine
  4. Bending Machine
  5. Turret Machine
  6. Rolling Machine
  7. Drilling Machine
  8. Surface Grinding Machine
  9. CNC Machine
  10. Lathe Machine
  11. Tube Casing Forming Machine
  12. Thread Cutter Machine
  13. Fin Press Machine
  14. Copper Tube Cutter Machine
  15. Leak Test Machine
  16. Hair Pin Bender
  17. Wood Cutter Machine
  18. PU Press Machine
  19. PU Injection Machine
  20. Spot Welding Machine
  21. Impeller Cutting Site
  22. Balancing Machine….  and etc
Overall Factory 
Machinery Layout
CNC Machine
Copper Tube Cutter Machine
Shearing Machine
Fin Press Machine
Vertical Expander
PU Press Machine
PU Injection


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