Commercial Air Conditioner

Air-cooled air-conditioner ranges from 5hp to 20hp for commercial application. Standard specification includes low noise propeller fan, IP55 fan motor, scroll compressor, controller, and phase protector.



  • Air-Cooled Condensing Unit - 5HP to 20HP
  • High Static Fan Coil Unit - 5HP to 75HP (100Pa to 350Pa)
  • Floor Standing Unit - 5 HP to 20HP

 Ducted Fan Coil Guide Specification/Features

  • An excellent range of fan coil units covering air flow from 600 to 2300 CFM.
  • These units have been engineered for light industrial and commercial applications.
  • Compact design requires minimal installation floor space as well as maximise container space for shipment.
  • Internal components are easily accessible by removing the access panels.
  • Units shall be complete with coil, one or more centrifugal fans, condensate drain pan, and galvanised steel casing panels insulated with 5 mm closed cell insulation material.
  • Coil shall be constructed with aluminium fins mechanically bonded to 3/8 dia copper tubing.
  • Coils are tested under 350 psig, with a maximum design operating pressure 250 psig at <100C.
  • Coil shall be shipped pressurised with dry nitrogen.



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